Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy Day!

Good morning!

I am Cristina Valenzuela, after a time of rest I have returned to the Copic Europe Blog.
Today I have a little spring card for the tones and the flowers, I want to go cold ... and you?

I will leave here a small sample of my step by step.
I have coloured this stamp from Some Odd Girl in soft red tones ... I explain how I do it ...

First I start with my intermediate tone, here I used R22.
I worked with the design paper, so I knew exactly what colour I wanted.
I add shadows and make the folds.

Blend out the previous colour, I used R11.
I colour the entire dress, except for the lightest part, I leave it blank.

Once I have the base, I use red.
For this I used R35, I love this colour!
I add shadows and folds, again, but now in red.

Blend out the previous one with my intermediate colour, R22.

And I end up blending the above with my lighter colour, R11.
Dress finished!

As this little fairy has transparent wings, I thought of teaching how to colour this, today in a simple way.

First I colour the hair, which is under the wings and can be seen through them, I have coloured normally.
Then I add my colours for the wings, first BG32.

Blend this colour with BG11.

And finally blend with BG10 leaving the exteriors of the upper wings in white to make a separation.

And that's all!

Coloured with these Copic:
Skin: E11, E00, E000, E02, E13.
Hair: E57, E55.
Dress: R11, R22, R35.
Wings: BG10, BG11, BG32.
Flowers: R20, R81, R35, R22.
Floor: N1, N3.
Green: G82, YG63.

I hope you liked it, see you soon!

Monday, January 8, 2018

46 shades of grey...

Hello everyone,
It's Sue here today.
I thought it would be good idea to talk to you all about Copic greys!

Copic make 46 different shades of grey in four colour families - Cool, Neutral, Warm and Toner. 
To show you how different each grey looks I have coloured four very cute little dogs, one in each of the copic grey colour groups.
Each colour of grey brings its own tone and feel to a picture.  You can see here how different they are.
Cool Grey (C)
Cool grey has a slight blue tint to it which makes it ideal for colouring snow and anything white.
Neutral Grey (N)
Neutral grey is actually a true neutral grey.
Warm Grey (W)
Warm grey has a hint of brown.
Toner Grey (N)
Toner grey is halfway between neutral and warm.
Copic Greys really are a very useful addition to your Copic collection!
They can be used on their own to create the colour grey or they can used over the top of more vibrant colours to soften them or create shade.

If you are n't sure which colour grey to use for your project then it will help you if you think of the colour wheel and use Warm Greys with warm colours and Cool Greys with cool colours.
I have used the little dogs I coloured in grey to make a very quick and easy card.
The red accessories are coloured with Copic R59, R37, R43.

The dogs are a Mama Elephant Stamp and Die Set called Playful Pups.
Thank you for popping by.
Happy Copic colouring


Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter Scene

Hi everyone! It's Sandie here and today I want to show you how I colour a Winter scene. The stamp I'm using is Winter Backdrop by Stamping Bella. 

I first start to lay down some colour where I want to add shading. I use C1. 

I add in some B00 over the C1 and pull it out  a little. 

I keep layering up the B00 until I am happy I have enough. 

I go back in and apply more C1 and this time I also apply C3

To blend the colours together I use either the Colourless Blender marker (0) or I use a cotton bud and colourless blender solution and roll the cotton bud along the lines. 

For the trees, I apply some G21 

Then I go over the whole tree with YG03

I finish the trees with G24, adding some texture lines. 

For the windows I apply some Y17 in the bottom corners, then pull the colour out using Y15 and then Y13

The door is R35, R37 & R39

On the rooftop and chimney, I use the Warm Greys - W1, W3, W5 & W7. 

On the tree trunks, as they are so narrow, I just use one colour - E25

To finish off, I add a little bit of shadow underneath the trees and house. 

Thanks so much for dropping by

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year. *Stamping with Copics.*

Hello readers,

A new year lies ahead of us, so this is the moment to wish you a good, loving and especially creative year in 2018.  
The CME Team hopes you will visit our blog as often as you did in 2017, we want to thank you for these visits. 
We will continue to the best we can to inspire you in the coming year with workshops, tutorials and video instructions.
In our team we will welcome two ladies, who were in the team before. Faye from the UK  and Cristina from Spain, welcome back.


Today I would like to inspire you with my stamping technique “Direct on stamp colouring”with Copic Markers.
I have made already a lot of flower and Christmas cards with this technique.
In a photo-video I show you the instructions for this technique.
Here is the link (excuse me; I could not include it for unknown reasons.)

In this post I love to show you some of my cards, made with this technique...

first imprint

second imprint

third imprint

For a live video of the stamping proces, you can watch this video...

Thanks for watching, have a nice day.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Copic airbrush

Hi Copic lovers; welcome to the Copic Marker Europe Blog.

For my DT inspiration today I'm using my Copic Airbrush in an "not usual copic colouring project".

This is the finished project picture (some mixed media candles), but after that, you've got step by step pictures on how I made it.

I'm using Fimo Light Modelling Paste as it quickly air dries.

Start modelling the design you desire

 I covered the outside of the candle metal support with my clay

 Time to colour my clay. I always when I'm using the Airbrush usually start by refilling my marker

The usual position (we could use either nib but this explanation could be for an another tutorial) for the marker into the Airbrush gun looks like this

Start airbrushing the clay

You can also skip the clay step and go directly to colour the metal surface of the candle holder directly

Now take one stencil of your choice and put it onto the top of the candle to airbrush a little design directly to the candle wax

Your project will look something like this

Add some wax to the Fimo and.......voilá.......some pretty tealight personalised candle in mixed media style using your Copics.

I hope you have enjoyed my post and hope you found it inspiring

Have a nice day.